Expires: 2018-10-01
Position 1 - $25/Week

Expires: 2018-10-20
Position 2 - $24/Week

Expires: 2018-12-27
Position 3 - $23/Week

Expires: 2018-10-06
Position 4 - $22/Week

Expires: 2018-10-04
Position 5 - $21/Week

Expires: 2018-10-03
Position 7 - $19/Week

Expires: 2018-11-20
Position 12 - $14/Week

Expires: 2018-12-25
Position 13 - $13/Week

Expires: 2018-12-29
Position 19 - $7/Week

Added: Mar 30th, 2016
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Biksbit Ltd

Plans: BIKSBIT PRO 2,16% for 25 days // EMERALD 2,36% for 45 days // SAPPHIRE 2,8% for 65 days // RUBY 300% after 30 days // DIAMOND 700% after 60 days // IMPERIAL 1600% after 90 days // GRANDIDIER 450%

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Last Paid:Jun-06,2017


Min Deposit: 10
Max Deposit: 50000
Referral: 1
Withdrawal: Manual

Payeer Bitcoin
Investment: $100.00 Payout: 64% User Rating: 10.0 (55 votes) Listed: 908 days

 Program Description 
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Biksbit LtdWelcome to Gemstones were applied for utilitarian and high-profile living standards, nowadays they have transformed into a huge industrial branch, where corporations’ incomes increase and show stable annual growth of the main macroeconomic indicators. Biksbit is a company that extracts, processes and sells its production in the form of precious stones both to the representatives of the jewelry industry, and to the industrial representatives of various industries. It should be noted that industrial use of gemstones, rubies in particular, is a far more beneficial way of earning income for Biksbit. Extensive use and appliance of precious stones implies steady demand. It guarantees stability of the company and its development for many years ahead. We are certain about our investment solutions and offer great opportunities for earning to people from all over the world as our investors. It is a safe way to welfare that Biksbit offers to make to those who would like to build stable and prosperous life. -

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